For those of you who have been around long enough, there was a time when wedding videography was something that only the very wealthy could afford. It was also when wedding videographers in Charleston had to use clunky and obtrusive equipment to get the money shots. Things have come a long way over the past several years! It's your big day, so don't settle for only images and pictures. Here are five good reasons to get it on film!

Let Everyone Partake

If there is one thing that COVID taught us, it is that technology can overcome many spatial obstacles! If you have loved ones that can't make the wedding due to illness, travel restrictions, or maybe just a bad time of the year, let them join in the festivities. Those who can't be in attendance don't have to miss out - you can share it with them anywhere. And make sure that your dress shines for all to see by streaming a couple of snippets on your social media sites. It is a fantastic day, and you want everyone to see you commit your love forevermore!

Relive it in Full Color

There is no doubt that a picture says a thousand words, but there are more than a real thousand words on video! A video allows you to watch your own wedding as it unfolds. You can't be a spectator while the action is happening, but that doesn't mean that you can't watch it over and over again the same way that your guests did. How many times do you get to watch those special moments in life again? It is THE most important day to remember, so have it documented!

Show Future Generations

We all love the stories of how our parents met! Allow the future to relive the festivities from start to finish. You've probably wished you could have seen the wedding ceremony and how young and full of wonder your parents were. What a cherished gift it is to give your children and their children. It is a better demonstration of your family's heritage than 23 and Me!

Break it out When you Need a Refresher

The day that we get married is so filled with positivity and promise - make sure that you can share those moments with your significant other as you get older. There is nothing better than reliving the moment when you said “I do.” A video is a great way to recapture all the feelings that you shared that fateful day when you committed to becoming husband and wife! Memories are great, but live video is even better!

Images are a must for weddings so that you have pictures to show off and relive the moment. But is it your big day, and you want to make sure to remember it in full color as gloriously as the day that you said "I do." Hire our wedding videographers in Charleston! We love what we do and it shows! Contact us today to save your special date.