7 helpful tips to putting all the inspiration and information to good use after attending a bridal show!

The wedding planning process can seem overwhelming, and now that you attended the Charleston Bridal Show, you are probably wondering what to do with all the information and materials you gathered while talking to exhibitors and browsing displays. 

Don’t worry; DM Photo and Video are here to help you! 

Here are eight helpful tips to help you channel all the inspiration and information you gathered at the Charleston Bridal Show.

Step 1: Set your budget!

We hope you made a budget prior to attending the show so you are able to determine what you can and cannot afford. Sometimes after attending a show couples will determine they want to spend more in one area of the wedding and less in other areas. The most important part is to stay within your budget and create a wedding that is personal to you and experiential for your guests!

Step 2: Make Appoitments

The first step in actually doing something with all your Charleston Bridal Show info is to look at your notes from your phone or notebook to see what appointments you set while at the show. Call these appointments and confirm your date and time. Be courteous to the wedding expert and if you have decided not to keep the appointment please call them and let them know.

Step 3: Categorize and Prioritize!

Next, you’ll want to begin taking all the literature and information you collected and put them into categories (i.e. Photographer, Videographer, Tuxedos, Catering, Flowers, Bridal Gowns etc.). Once you have completed this, place them in priority of what you believe is the most important to you as a couple. Decide which items are on your “want to have” list and what is on your “need to have” list, there is a difference! There really isn’t much you need to have in order to get married but you will find there is a lot of “want to haves” to get married.

Step 4: Divide and Conquer!

Once you have selected the priority in which you would like to schedule your planning by placing your information in priority stacks, divide the items into areas you as a couple or individual will be responsible for completing. Keep in mind as you are just starting the planning process to consider the wedding experts who only take on one or two weddings in a weekend first such as photographers and videographers, they will book up very fast.

Step 5: Evaluate.

Once you have completed your priority list and his, hers, and ours to-do lists, evaluate the experts based on these three very important criteria:

  1. Personal connection – do you feel comfortable working with them?
  2. Do they see your vision of your wedding the same way you do?
  3. Are they within your budget?

Step 6: Schedule!

Set up appointments with 2 or 3 experts unless you know for sure the one you met is the expert you for sure want to work with.  Once you have done this make sure you confirm your appointment and ask ANY questions you have, as there are truly no silly questions. Remember, working with these experts is not something you are used to doing every day so it’s all brand-new!

Step 7: Take a deep breath- trust the process!

Trusting your instincts is very important and you will know when the experts are right for you. Don’t ask all your friends and family for their input, as you know in life, everyone will have an opinion, but it really comes down to you and the input of people you trust the most (parents or extremely close friends) that makes the difference. Remember, sometimes it’s all about you and not them when it comes to picking out the perfect wedding experts you want to work with on your wedding day.